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Bug #247: Version 1.7 bugfixes

SCons srcdist differs from Make version

Added by Ole Hansen almost 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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make srcdist produces a different archive than scons srcdist=1.

Make includes explicitly selected content in the archive, subject to a list of exclusion patterns. That works well - any clutter (extra directories, extra files) one adds in the working copy will not be archived unless one takes action and changes the Makefile. Conversely, SCons seems to want to archive everything unless specifically excluded. So one has to exclude explicitly what one doesn't want, which changes frequently, and it is easy to overlook something which then ends up in the archive. Additionally, the regexp exclusion doesn't even seem to be able to match certain conditions: for example, db_*.dat files only in the top-level directory - it's either all db_*.dat files or none. So test db files would need to go into a separate work directory, which then needs to be added to the exclusion list. That doesn't work well.

disttar.py should be modified to allow an inclusion list in addition to the exclusions.


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