Feature #241

Updated by Ole Hansen over 6 years ago

For special applications, it might be interesting to add two functions to @THaFormula@ that evaluate to statistics of @THaCuts@: number of times called and number of times passed. Hall C's @hcana@ currently implements a version of this in @THcFormula@ for end-of-run reports. 

 It would be cleaner to merge the Hall C features directly in the @THaFormula@ base class. This can be done pretty easily, for example, by using the "index" field of @THaFormula::FVarDef_t@ to values other than zero. If @FVarDef_t::type == kCut@, then @FVarDef_t::index@ indicates the evaluation mode: 0 = current result, 1 = number of times called, 2 = number of times passed.