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Joshua Hoskins, 09/19/2017 11:13 AM


EIC Compton Electron detector talks

EIC Compton Electron Detector Simulation Analysis Software

All software is available from my github account (instructions below). Please forward all desired functionality and bug reports to me by filing an issue on github.
A great reference to get you started using git can be found here:

Cloning a repository
     git clone <repository address>

Compton Generator

./generator <options>

--filename <string>      Sets the name of the output file.
--polarization <double>  Sets the polarization of the events to be generated. Values range from -1 to 1.
--energy <double>        Sets the energy of the incoming electrons.
--sigmax <double>        Sets the beam size in the x-direction (cm). 
--sigmay <double>        Sets the beam size in the y-direction (cm).
--events <int>           The number of events to be generated. 

The only required option is --events The default energy is 5 GeV.

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