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Juan Alvarado, 04/06/2023 12:09 PM


To run PARTONS on the farm we need to do is to create a singularity container, follow these steps
  • Set the environment and load the appropriate modules
    source /site/env/syscshrc
    module load singularity/3.9.5
  • Build the container:
    singularity build --sandbox partons_singularity docker://partons/partons
  • The previous command with create a new folder called "partons_singularity". To run the container do:
    singularity shell --writable partons_singularity
  • Now your terminal has changed. You can find PARTONS' folders in /root/workspace/
  • For instance, to run an example you can do:
    cd /root/workspace/partons-example/
    ./bin/PARTONS_example data/examples/gpd/computeSingleKinematicsForGPD.xml

Some important links

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