Alma9 Setup on ifarm

  • Compiled hcana with new root version (6.24.08-gcc11.4.0) located at the following path:
    -- For PionLT:
    -- For KaonLT:
  • First load modules by executing the following commands:
    module use /cvmfs/
    module load root/6.24.08-gcc11.4.0
  • Create a virtual environment by running the following command:
    python3 -m venv replay_lt_env
  • Source the environment (Need to source it during every login. Add it to .login file):
    source replay_lt_env/bin/activate.csh
  • Install the following packages:
    pip install numpy==1.23.0
    pip install pandas wheel scipy root-numpy==4.8.0 root-pandas==0.7.0 uproot
  • Copy the latest LTSep package from the following path:
  • To the following path:

Once all steps are complete then test it by running analysis scripts.

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