Analysis Tasks

Summer-2019/Fall-2021/Summer-2022 Run Sep 2022 Completed
Calibrations Nov 2023 Completed
Tracking Efficiency Studies 2 months Completed
Detector Efficiency Studies 1 months On deck
Lumi Studies (includes FADC studies) 6 months On going
HEEP Studies (PID and offsets) 6 months On going
Physics Production Studies 2 months To Do
LT Separation Studies 8 - 16 months To Do
Form Factor extraction 1 - 2 week To Do
Scaling Study 1 week To Do

This is a summary page with the progress of the PionLT experiment. Above is a quick outline of our current progress. Below are tasks assigned to members of the group. Anyone who is part of the group may contribute to a task with suggestions and/or updates on progress. Please contact the assignee on a task-by-task basis for any queries. Anyone with general questions can contact Jacob Murphy (), Muhammad Junaid () and Nathan Heinrich ().

Completed Tasks

Detector Calibrations Completed

  • Kinematic Check Done
    • Ensure Kinematics are correctly labeled in the analysis
      • Check 2021 Kinematic Settings
      • Check 2021 Offsets (still needs to be checked)
      • Check 2022 Kinematic Settings
      • Check 2022 Offsets (still needs to be checked)
  • Per Peter Bosted's suggestion, look at ELCLEAN and BCM scalars (in report file) and determine stability (can also check previous run periods)
    • Good way to determine runs with issues as the ratio should be constant with current/rate
  • Timing Cuts
    • Nathan
    • ADC/TDC timing windows should be checked/applied for all run periods
  • HMS+SHMS DC (Junaid)
    • Carlos worked on this analysis, finding drift times card-by-card
    • Completed
  • HGCer (Nathan)
    • Find SPE peak (low event run)
    • Completed
  • NGCer (Nathan)
    • No SPE peak to find
    • Check width of peak (high event run)
      • width is root n of mean value
    • Script is available (Cameron C. did it for XEM 2)
    • Completed
  • HMS Cer (Nathan)
    • Find the SPE peak
    • Completed
  • Aerogel (Nathan)
    • Completed
  • HMS+SHMS Hodoscope (Jacob, Junaid, Nathan)
    • Dave Mack/Carlos Yero/Jacob
    • 2021 SHMS calibrations in good shape
    • 2021 HMS calibrations should be double-checked
    • 2022 HMS and SHMS calibrations should ideally be done with defocused and maintained throughout the run period
    • Did recalibrations because files were missing.
    • Finished Timewalk Calibrations. (Nathan)
    • Finished VpCalib Calibrations. (Junaid)
    • Completed

Tracking Efficiency Studies Completed

  • Tracking Efficiency Studies (Junaid)
    • Updated DEF file (Included NGC variables)
    • Updated DEF-Cut files for HeeP, Lumi, Prod and pTRIG6 data.
    • Done Setting up Report files.
    • Generated BCM currents for PionLT data.
    • Done Setting up replay scripts.
    • Updated efficiency study scripts (including CSV file generation script and plotting script)
    • Completed


Expected to be completed in the June, 2024

HeeP Studies On going

  • HeeP Studies (Junaid)
    • Offsets from HeeP Coin/Singles data

Lumi Studies On going

  • Lumi Studies (Nathan)
    • Boiling Studies
    • 2022 Single-arm studies
    • fADC Mode 10 Deadtime studes (COIN scan)
    • Other luminosity scans


  • Saturation Corrections to Optical Matrices
    • Jacob
    • HMS 6.6 GeV
      • Carbon-Sieve
        • DONE
      • Elastic Delta Scan
        • DONE
    • HMS 6.8 GeV
      • Carbon-Sieve
        • In-progress
      • Elastic Delta Scan
        • To-do
    • HMS 5.9 GeV
      • Carbon-Sieve
        • To-do
      • Elastic Delta Scan
        • To-do
    • HMS 5.6 GeV
      • Carbon-Sieve
        • To-do
      • Elastic Delta Scan
        • To-do
    • SHMS 8.0 GeV
      • Jacob needs to meet with Holly/Mark to confirm procedure here
      • Carbon-Sieve
        • To-do
      • Elastic Delta Scan
        • To-do
  • Physics Production Studies
    • To Do
  • LT Separation Studies
    • To Do
    • Iterative process
  • Form factor extraction (Junaid)
    • To Do
  • Scaling Study (Nathan)
    • To Do

Full Replays of PionLT Data

  • Finished Full Replay Pass1 (Junaid): attachment:Full_Replay_Pass1_&_Efficiency_Study.pdf
  • Finished Full Replay Pass1_v2 - Included BCM current params and NGC variables in DEF file (Junaid).

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