JLab Farm Information

Included below is some information and resources regarding working with the PionLT data on the JLab farm.

General Farm Resources

Git Instructions/Info

Summer 2019 Run Info

The Summer 2019 data was stored alongside the earlier KaonLT data. The data can be found in -

  • /mss/hallc/spring17/raw/ - Raw data for 2019 PionLT run
  • /mss/hallc/kaonlt/ - Analysed data
  • /volatile/hallc/c-kaonlt/ - Temporary analysed data

Access to these directories is via the "c-comm2017" group

2021 Run Info

For the 2021 PionLT run, a new group was created, along with numerous new directories -

  • New unix group: 'c-pionlt'
  • New Farm/Auger project: c-pionlt
    • Use this Project name for simulation (and later analysis) jobs on the Farm
  • Disk resources:
    • /volatile/c-pionlt/ - directory, 6 TB high quota; 2 TB Guarantee
    • /group/c-pionlt/ - directory (100GB quota)
      • snapshotted hourly; backed up automatically, use for analysis scripts, etc.
    • /work/hallc/c-pionlt/ - directory (1TB quota)
      • NOT backed up in any way
      • Has some small-file/performance benefits (but this doesn't really apply to hcana/podd analysis)
      • Not super useful in a modern workflow (mostly historical), but it's there if you want it.
      • Not intended for rootfile output or to store extra copies of CODA files, etc.
      • Good for large source code bases (that are 'backed up' on an external git repo, for example)
      • OK for modestly sized simulation output perhaps, though /volatile is still best.
    • New Tape/disk allocations:
      • /mss/hallc/c-pionlt/raw - tape volume for raw data output
      • /mss/hallc/c-pionlt/analysis - tape volume for analysis output

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