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 h1. *Notes from Meetings]] Meetings* 

 h2. February 22, 2018 
 *    Discussion of "Andres's": slides on elastic W calculation in hcana - initial issue with negative W values seems to be due to outdated information in standard.kinematics file. Additional investigation ongoing. 
 * Brief description of Samip's work - working on coincidence timing decoding with JLab staff and re-optimization of kinematics 
 * Discussion of Richard's slides on run plan kinematics and preparations - 
 ** everyone agrees that in general want to have as many L/T cross section separations as possible in a robust run plan balancing statistics vs. systematics 
 ** before actual run may want to do a 3D optimization in all kinematic variables to get the best possible delta(epsilon) for the L/T separations 
 ** for each setting will need 1-2 shifts for calibrations - need to negotiate with other experiments in run group 
 ** kinematics plots W-Q2 show that still need to do some optimization 
 ** run sheets: include raster size, update coincidence count labeling, and carbon target labeling 
 * Discussion of next meeting. Garth at JLab 8-16 March - might have meeting during that time. 

 * *Action Items:* 
 ** Post slides/notes from this meeting and procedure to set up hcana in Redmine (Tanja) 
 ** Update run sheet and kinematic optimization for W/Q2 (Garth) 
 ** Circulate elastic calculations for kinematic settings (Samip) 
 ** Continue investigation of elastic data and run plan kinematics (Andres/Richard) 
 ** Test software installation instructions (Pete) 
 ** Draft email to JLab management about need for small angle beam pipe - need to have HMS minimum angle of less than 13 degrees for kaon L/T separations (Tanja)  

 h2. March 29, 2018 

 * Details of adding points to fall run plan - will be ready sooner, likely in week of 4/1 (Garth, Samip, Tanja) 
 * Luminosity scans (Ryan, Andres, "Richard":, Pete) 
 * Macros, SIDIS analysis (Hem, Anashe) 
 * Elastic data (TBD) 

 h2. April 26, 2018 

 * Discussion luminosity scan analysis (earlier scan) - "Richard": 
 ** Shown is a scaler-based analysis using scalers from report file and from ROOT tree - the values are different, why that is has to be checked 
 ** Notes on efficiencies in report file: 
 *** DT (EDTM) is not electronic deadtime. Instead use for now 50ns* trigger rate for HMS and 100ns* trigger rate for SHMS 
 *** Cherenkov efficiency seems low (check if that is due to PID, thresholds, pi/e, etc) 
 *** Tracking efficiency needs to be checked 
 *** 3/4 trigger efficiency seems ok 
 * Discussion luminosity scan analysis (later scan) - Ryan 
 ** Fewer carbon runs than earlier scan 
 ** Shown is a tracking-based analysis using data from the ROOT trees 
 ** First results for carbon, LH2, and LD2, but efficiencies need to be checked 
 * SIDIS analysis - Hem 
 ** Shown is a data/MC comparison for different kinematic settings. Agreement in shape is very good. Normalization has yet to be applied. 
 ** Discussion about agreement in z and apparent offset - relation of this offset with spectrometer offset 
 * Analysis of exclusive events in SIDIS - Samip 
 ** Shown is a look at the first kaon events in exclusive limit of SIDIS data 
 ** Ongoing work on implementing coincidence time into tree 
 * Discussion of run plan, and in particular possible low Q2/low energy 
 ** Assume that kaon low Q2=0.4 already included - have kinematics with specified beam energies, if needed 
 ** For pion form factor and LT, have two possible settings that can use the prescribed beam energies: Q2=1.45 and 0.35 GeV2 - prioritize towards the higher Q2 as not as sensitive to offsets 
 ** Garth will put this together in a draft email 

 h2. May 10, 2018 

 h1. BlueJeans Information 

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