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h1. E12-15-001 experiment

Experiment currently scheduled to run from June 25th 2019 to July 7th 2019

h1. Useful links
"Hall C webpage E12-15-001":
"VCS Hall C ELOG":
"Hall C webpage":
"Hall C electronic logbook":
"Hall C wiki":
"Experiment schedule":
"Hall A VCS experiment":

h1. [[Meetings E12-15-001]]

h1. [[Replay]]
"Online replay and data analyzer":

"DEEPGen event generator":

h2. h1. [[Analysis]]
"Hall C Analyzer":
"VCS Online Analysis Repository":

h2. [[Replay]]
"Online replay and data analyzer":

h2. [[Optics]]

h2. [[Calibrations]]

h1. [[Useful documents]]