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h1. Wiki 

 h2. Introduction 

 This is the humble homepage of the main Hall A physics analysis software, Podd. The software is an object-oriented, highly modular and extensible framework built on top of "ROOT": Classes are available for the most common analysis tasks involving data from the standard "Hall A": experimental equipment, in particular the HRS spectrometers and detectors. Standard physics calculations for single arm (e,e'), conincidence (e,e'X) and photoproduction reactions are available, as well as for auxiliary tasks such as energy loss corrections, vertex position calculations, etc. 

 The optional Software Development Kit (SDK) provides users with a rapid development environment for building experiment-specific extension libraries. One can quickly implement new detectors, physics computation modules and even entire spectrometers. 

 h2. Documentation 

 * [[Documentation]] 
 * [[Release Notes]] 
 * "Class Index": 


 h2. Tutorials/Talks 

 * [[Workshop2017|Hall A & C Data Analysis Workshop June 25-26, 2017]] 
 * document:"Hands-On Tutorial with E12-07-108 (GMp) replay" -- updated 25 Apr 2016 
 * document:"Analyzer Hands-On Tutorial with E08-027 (g2p) replay" -- 14 Jan 2015 


 h2. Downloads 

 Most recent source code: 

 * *Analyzer 1.6.0* 1.6.0-rc2* source code (production (development version, [[DBconvert|new database format]]) "(gz)": "(xz)": "(gz)": "(xz)": - 14 Mar 24 Jan 2018 
 * Analyzer 1.5.37 source code (legacy (production version) "(gz)": "(xz)": - 03 Mar 2017 
 * Software Development Kit v1.5 (SDK) "(gz)": - 18 Jan 2017 
 * optimize++ tool v1.3 for spectrometer optics calibration "(gz)": - 7 March 2007 
 * tree2ascii tool v1.1 for dumping ROOT trees to ASCII files "(gz)": - 06 Dec 2006 

 Older versions can be found in the "archive": 

 Currently, we do not offer precompiled binaries for download. 


 h2. Minimum System Requirements 

 * Platforms 
 ** Linux with "gcc": 4 
 ** macOS 10.6 with "Xcode": command line tools. 
 ** Other Unix-like platforms that support ROOT should work with minimal changes 
 * "ROOT": 5 or 6 
 * "SCons": 2.1 (requires Python 2.7); or GNU make 3.8 
 * Moderate hardware (e.g. 2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM) 


 h2. Additional Resources 

 * "The ROOT project": at CERN. Basis for this project. Start by reading the "ROOT Primer": 
 * "ROOT on JLab CUE": (local support for ROOT). 
 * "C++ reference documentation": 
 * "C++ FAQ": C++ programming tips & tricks.