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h1. Joint Hall A & C Data Analysis Workshop June 2018 


 *June 25-26, 2018, %{color:red}ARC Auditorium%* [[ARC Auditorium Directions|(map)]], Jefferson Lab 



 h2. Resources 

 "*Registration Page*": 
 "List of participants": 

 [[Workshop 2018 Setup|Software Setup Instructions]] 
 "Virtual Machine Image download": 
 "GitHub repository of tutorials support files": 

 "Pre-workshop survey": 
 Remote Access: [[Workshop 2018 BlueJeans|(details)]] 



 h2. Program 

 h2{background:#D5D8DC}. Monday, June 25, 2018 

 h2. Morning Session 

 (Chair: Mark Jones) 

 h3. General 

 09:00    Welcome -- Ole Hansen 
 09:05    "Overview Overview & Update on Hall A Analysis Software": Software -- Ole Hansen 
 09:30    Overview of Hall C Analyzer -- Eric Pooser 

 h3. Hall A Analysis 

 10:00    "Hall Hall A optics optimization": optimization -- Tong Su 
 10:30    Optics for mistuned spectrometers -- Eric Christy 

 10:45    Coffee Break 

 11:00    Beam energy determination -- Doug Higinbotham 
 11:30    Using MySQL databases in analysis (<notextile>*</notextile>) -- Shujie Li 
 12:00    Tritium replay on farm, analysis organization -- Tyler Hague 

 12:30    Lunch (on your own) 


 h2. Afternoon Session 

 (Chair: Ole Hansen) 

 h3. Farm Use and Workflow Tools 

 13:30    Farm Use and Computing Resources Tips and Tricks -- Brad Sawatzky 
 * Overview of JLab Computing Resources and Tools (<notextile>*</notextile>) 
 * Common problems and how to avoid them 
 * hcswif (Quick and easy SWIF job submission wrapper) (<notextile>*</notextile>) -- John Matter 
 * Question and Answer!    (What are +your+ problems, irritations, puzzles?) 

 15:30    Coffee Break 

 h3. Using Python for Analysis Part I 

 15:45    Hall A event visualization using Python-- Tyler Kutz 
 16:00    Python Analysis Tutorial (<notextile>*</notextile>) -- Eric Pooser 

 17:00    Adjourn 

 h2{background:#D5D8DC}. Tuesday, June 26, 2018 

 h2. Morning Session 

 (Chair: Eric Pooser) 

 h3. Hall C Analysis 

 09:00    Effective Git use (<notextile>*</notextile>) -- Steve Wood 
 10:00    Hall C Spectrometer Optics and Optimization -- Holly Szumila-Vance 

 10:30    Coffee Break 

 10:45    Cherenkov Analysis -- Abel Sun 
 11:10    Calorimeter Analysis -- Vardan Tadevosyan 
 11:30    "Hodoscope Analysis": Hodoscope Analysis -- Carlos Yero 
 11:50    Drift Chamber Analysis -- Abishek Karki 

 12:15    Lunch (on your own) 


 h2. Afternoon Session 

 (Chair: Brad Sawatzky) 

 h3. Intermediate-Level Analysis with ROOT 

 13:30    Introduction and setup (<notextile>*</notextile>) -- Ole Hansen 
 13:45    Reading and processing trees (<notextile>*</notextile>) -- Ole Hansen 
 14:45    Linear analysis (<notextile>*</notextile>) -- Mark Jones 

 15:30    Coffee Break 

 h3. Using Python for Analysis Part II 

 16:00    Python Analysis Tutorial continued (<notextile>*</notextile>) -- Eric Pooser 

 17:00    Adjourn 


 (<notextile>*</notextile>) denotes an interactive tutorial