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How to list

general information

login to

1) first login to jlab gateway: ssh -X
2) from, login to ssh -X
You need to type your 6-digit pin followed by 6 digits pin created by mobilepass app in your smart phone.
If you do not have this setup send request to
3) from, login to ssh -X ,
4) start vncviewer: vncviewer :1 (sometimes it is in :2 or :3)

how to run coda

In uvasolid2, type command "kcoda" then type "startCoda"
There are 3 configurations to use:
A) hallc_fadc: no GEM, FADC only
B) hallc_fadc_ssp: with GEM but no maroc
C) hallc_fadc_ssp_maroc: with both GEM and maroc

raw data file will be written into /home/solid/data

keep updating run list file: /home/solid/hallc_beamtest_runlist.txt to run mpod to control HV

how to cook data in uvasolid2
A) source /home/solid/event_viewer/beamtest_hallc_decoder/
B) replayFiles_18deg.csh '-n 10000 -t 10' /home/solid/data/hallc_fadc_ssp_4580.evio.0

usage: /home/solid/event_viewer/beamtest_hallc_decoder/bin/replayFiles_18deg.csh <'replay_option'> <File_List>
example 1: replayFiles_18deg.csh '-n -1' hallc_fadc_ssp_3049.evio.?
example 2: replayFiles_18deg.csh '-m /home/solid/event_viewer/beamtest_hallc_decoder/database/modules/mapmt_module_highrate.json -n 50000' hallc_fadc_ssp_3049.evio.2 hallc_fadc_ssp_3049.evio.3
replayoption must be single-quoted, here is a list of them:
usage of build/src/analyze:
build/src/analyze [-n NEV] [-m, --module MODULE] [-r RES] [-t THRES] [-p NPEDS] [-f FLAT] RAW_DATA ROOT_FILE
-h, --help: print help message
-n [NEV (default: -1)]: number of events to process (< 0 means all)
-m, --module [MODULE (default: database/modules/mapmt_module.json)]: json file for module configuration
-r [RES (default: 3)]: resolution for waveform analysis
-t [THRES (default: 20.000000)]: peak threshold for waveform analysis
-p [NPEDS (default: 8)]: sample window width for pedestal searching
-f [FLAT (default: 1.000000)]: flatness requirement for pedestal searching
-x [USEFIXEDPED (default: 0)]: whether or not to use fixed FADC pedestals from database

C) the output will be stored at /home/solid/replay/GEMROOTFILE, monitoring histogram and graph will be stored at /home/solid/replay/monitor

how to transfer raw data t0 /cache:
rsync -avzhe ssh --progress --remove-source-files /run/media/solid/Data16T/data1/ /DISK4T/data2/ jixie@ifarm1802:/cache/halla/solid/subsystem/ec/ecal_beamtest_hallc_18deg/raw

where is the cooked data in the farm

A) raw data: /cache/halla/solid/subsystem/ec/ecal_beamtest_hallc_18deg/raw
B) cooked root file: /volatile/halla/solid/$user/ecal_beamtest_hallc/18deg/ROOTFILE

C) once the decoder software is frozen, will put pass0 cooked file here: /cache/halla/solid/subsystem/ec/ecal_beamtest_hallc_18deg/replay/pass0

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