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h1. How to list 

 h2. general information  

 login to 

 1) first login to jlab gateway:    ssh -X 
 2) from, login to    ssh -X 
 You need to type your 6-digit pin followed by 6 digits pin created by mobilepass app in your smart phone. 
 If you do not have this setup send request to 
 3) from, login to ssh -X,  
 4) start vncviewer:      vncviewer :1    (sometimes it is in :2 or :3) 

 h2. how to run coda 

 In uvasolid2, type command "kcoda" then type "startCoda" 
 There are 3 configurations to use:   
 A) hallc_fadc:    no GEM, FADC only 
 B) hallc_fadc_ssp: with GEM but no maroc 
 C) hallc_fadc_ssp_maroc: with both GEM and maroc 

 raw data file will be written into /home/solid/data 

 keep updating run list file:    /home/solid/hallc_beamtest_runlist.txt to set trigger threshold 

 we change threshold using diaggui, which requres root.  
 A) source /home/solid/event_viewer/beamtest_hallc_decoder/ 
 B) cd /home/solid/fe_diaggui 
 C) ./DiagGUI ROC_sbsvme22.txt 
 D) click on "18:DSC2" in the laft pannel, then click on "TDC Config" in the middle pannel, then click on "Thresholds" 
    Before you updated the threshold, you need to start coda and finish 'download' 

   In case sbsvme22 is rebooted, or vmecrate is rebooted, you have to restart diaggui. 
   If coda crashes, I highly recommend restarting diaggui.   

 vmeDSC map: 
 TS1:    DSC01 (CerSum, 25mV) & DSC03(ShowerSum, 70mV) --> PS1>=5 
 TS2:    DSC06 (SC_B, 35mV) & DSC07(SC_D, 35mV)    --> PS2>=11 
 TS3:    DSC05 (SC_A, 31mV) & DSC08(SC_D, 35mV)    --> requires I<20uA, PS2>=10 
 TS4_low:     DSC14 (ShowerSum, 15mV)     --> PS>=10 for 40uA 
 TS4_high:    DSC14 (ShowerSum, 230mV)    -->keep PS4=0, 40uA(230mV-->2.7kHz) 

 h2. how to change trigger 
 A) login into sbsvme22:    ssh sbsvme22 
 B) cd rol 
 C) update ti_list.c,  

 line 62-64 to enable|disable pulse trigger: 

        //TI_SYNCEVENT_CONFIG tiSyncEventConfig = {1, 1000, 100, 0, 83}; //first 100k pulse trigger of 100kHz 
        //TI_SYNCEVENT_CONFIG tiSyncEventConfig = {1, 1000, 3000, 0, 830}; //first 3M pulse trigger of 10kHz 
        TI_SYNCEVENT_CONFIG tiSyncEventConfig = {0, 1000, 0, 0, 83}; // disable pulser trigger 

 line 111-122 for trigger type: 

	 /* Enable set specific TS input bits (1-6) */ 
	 tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_1 ); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_1 | TI_TSINPUT_4 ); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_1 | TI_TSINPUT_2 | TI_TSINPUT_3); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_1 | TI_TSINPUT_2 | TI_TSINPUT_3 | TI_TSINPUT_4); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_ALL ); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_1 | TI_TSINPUT_2 | TI_TSINPUT_4); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_2 | TI_TSINPUT_3 | TI_TSINPUT_4); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_2 ); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_3 ); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_4); 
	 //tiEnableTSInput( TI_TSINPUT_6 ); 

 Line 147-152 for prescale factors 
         //for 40uA beam on LD2 target 
	 tiSetInputPrescale(6,0); to run mpod to control HV 

 h2. how to cook data in uvasolid2 
 A) source /home/solid/apps/ 
 B) you can choose to cook data with or without tracking.  

 h3. B1) cook 10k events with tracking, using fixed pedestal and 10adc peak finding threshold: 

  replayFiles_18deg.csh '-x 1 -n 10000 -t 10'    /home/solid/data/hallc_fadc_ssp_4580.evio.0 
  usage: /home/solid/event_viewer/beamtest_hallc_decoder/bin/replayFiles_18deg.csh <'replay_option'> <File_List> 
  example 1: replayFiles_18deg.csh '-n -1' hallc_fadc_ssp_3049.evio.? 
  example 2: replayFiles_18deg.csh '-m /home/solid/event_viewer/beamtest_hallc_decoder/database/modules/mapmt_module_highrate.json -n 50000' hallc_fadc_ssp_3049.evio.2 hallc_fadc_ssp_3049.evio.3 
  replayoption must be single-quoted, here is a list of them: 
  usage of build/src/analyze: 
  build/src/analyze [-n NEV] [-m, --module MODULE] [-r RES] [-t THRES] [-p NPEDS] [-f FLAT] RAW_DATA ROOT_FILE 
          -h, --help: print help message 
          -n [NEV (default: -1)]: number of events to process (< 0 means all) 
          -m, --module [MODULE (default: database/modules/mapmt_module.json)]: json file for module configuration 
          -r [RES (default: 3)]: resolution for waveform analysis 
          -t [THRES (default: 20.000000)]: peak threshold for waveform analysis 
          -p [NPEDS (default: 8)]: sample window width for pedestal searching 
          -f [FLAT (default: 1.000000)]: flatness requirement for pedestal searching 
          -x [USEFIXEDPED (default: 0)]: whether or not to use fixed FADC pedestals from database 

  the output will be stored at /home/solid/replay/GEMROOTFILE, monitoring histogram and graph will be stored at /home/solid/replay/monitor 

 h3. B2) cooked 100k events without tracking, using fixed pedestal and 10adc peak finding threshold: 

  replayFiles_highrate.csh '-x 1 -n 100000 -t 10'    /home/solid/data/hallc_fadc_ssp_4580.evio.0 
  the output will be stored at /home/solid/replay/ROOTFILE, monitoring histogram and graph will be stored at /home/solid/replay/monitor 

 h2. how to transfer raw data to /cache: 
 rsync -avzhe ssh --progress --remove-source-files    /run/media/solid/Data16T/data1/ /DISK4T/data2/ jixie@ifarm1802:/cache/halla/solid/subsystem/ec/ecal_beamtest_hallc_18deg/raw 

 h2. where is the cooked data in the farm 

 A) raw data: /cache/halla/solid/subsystem/ec/ecal_beamtest_hallc_18deg/raw 
 B) cooked root file: /volatile/halla/solid/$user/ecal_beamtest_hallc/18deg/ROOTFILE 
 C) 50k events cooked with tracking:    /volatile/halla/solid/$user/ecal_beamtest_hallc/18deg/GEM50k 
 D) cooked with tracking root file: /volatile/halla/solid/$user/ecal_beamtest_hallc/18deg/GEMROOTFILE 

 E) once the decoder software is frozen, will put pass0 cooked file here: /cache/halla/solid/subsystem/ec/ecal_beamtest_hallc_18deg/replay/pass0