Feature #41

Integrate VDC multihit analysis from APEX branch

Added by Ole Hansen almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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We developed a special analysis mode for the HRS VDCs in 2010 that correlates clusters in u and v by their timing. This mode is important for experiments operating with very high singles rates in the HRS, causing a significant accidental coincidence rate within the VDC drift time window - i.e. APEX.

This new algorithm should be integrated into the VDC code. However, it should only be enabled on demand via a configuration option since (a) it is slow and (b) it may reduce the tracking efficiency in the analysis of standard, low-rate experiments because of the presence of multiple in-time clusters coming from knock-ons, scraping etc.

To be clear: this new algorithm only filters out accidentally coincident tracks, but does little, if anything, to eliminate "multitracks" resulting from multiple in-time clusters (see item (b) above).


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