Feature #249

Updated by Ole Hansen over 6 years ago

A few useful updates were made in the Release-150 branch which should be forward-ported to v1.6 before release: 

 * initialization of detector event data to kBig instead of 0 
 * DebugPrint of database parameters in all detector classes 
 * maybe some bits from the v1.5.38 VDC analysis, though most of it is already in v1.6 
 * Off-by-one error in shower database reader (probably already done) 
 * THaCoincTime improvements 
 * -Wextra warnings for SCons build 
 * Mistyped "&" & instead of "&&" && in THaQWEAKHelicityReader 
 * Don't report error if THaHelicityDet THaHelicityDer can't find its database file 
 * UserDetector: ignored error statuses 
 * DetectorBase: empty detector map is an error 
 * Central angle & e& rotation matrix calcs in separate functions