root l s3 -e 'events>Draw("@VertexBarrelHits.size()")'

eicS3read for both u/p


Wouter Deconinck (he/him):juggling: Sep 2nd at 10:18 AM
Here are instructions (thread)
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Wouter Deconinck (he/him):juggling: 2 months ago
Mirror SR files over to a local directory (254 MB):
mc mirror S3/eictest/ATHENA/EVGEN/SR/ SR/

Wouter Deconinck (he/him):juggling: 2 months ago
Install eic-shell to current directory:
curl -L | bash

Wouter Deconinck (he/him):juggling: 2 months ago
Run the simulation on one of the files inside container:
cat << EOF | ./eic-shell
source /opt/detector/
npsim \
--runType batch \
--printLevel WARNING \
--skipNEvents 0 \
--numberOfEvents 1000 \
--part.minimalKineticEnergy 1*TeV \
--hepmc3.useHepMC3 true \
--compactFile /opt/detector/share/athena/athena.xml \
--inputFiles SR/SR.10GeV_5kVthreshold_hepmc/25098.hepmc \
--outputFile 25098.root

Input SR files are at, which can be synced with mc mirror S3/eictest/ATHENA/EVGEN/SR/SR.10GeV_5kVthreshold_hepmc/ SR/ (it's not that large). More on setting up mc to access S3 at mc is installed inside the container below, but you will still need to setup the config with username eicS3read and password eicS3read.
After syncing the hepmc files to the SR/ directory, you'll need to install the ATHENA eic-shell container without cvmfs (you'll need to modify it, which isn't easily done using cvmfs containers). So, instead of the simplest version of the following, use curl L | bash -s - --no-cvmfs (with additional no-cvmfs option). This will download a container image to your current directory (~2.5 GB). Next you should edit the script eic-shell and add two flags to the last line: singularity exec --writable --fakeroot (unfortunately a rather slow step).
When you start the container with ./eic-shell, first source /opt/detector/ and then run the full simulation with the files in SR/ for example as
npsim --runType batch --inputFiles SR/25098.hepmc --outputFile SR/25098.root --compactFile /opt/detector/share/athena/athena.xml --numberOfEvents 10
You probably want to use --filter.tracker edep0 since default is edep1kev though I have not seen it have any impact (might have been due to the gold layer).
All this up till now is without making any changes. To make changes, in particular gold layer, change gold_thickness in /opt/detector/share/athena/ip6/beampipe.xml (that's the only reason why this is more complicated than usual...).
For analysis (also inside container), you can start with something like
root l SR/25098.root -e 'events>Scan("VertexBarrelHits.energyDeposit")'
But with edep0 filters, and with 0 um gold layer, there is still nothing in at least the first 10 events I tested.
Next steps:
Maybe run npsim with the --part.enableDetailedHitsAndParticleInfo flag to see what is actually happening (for few events),
Create verbose.mac with
/tracking/verbose 2
/run/beamOn 10
and run this with --runType run --macroFile verbose.mac instead. That should definitely show where the SR photons are going. If you're familiar with geant4 detailed output...
I see some tracks like this:
  • G4Track Information: Particle = gamma, Track ID = 1, Parent ID = 0 *************************************************************************************************

Step# X(mm) Y(mm) Z(mm) KinE(MeV) dE(MeV) StepLeng TrackLeng NextVolume ProcName
0 29.5 0.5 4.31e+03 0.00752 0 0 0 AV_934!BeamPipe_assembly_17#17!v_downstream_vacuum_12#12 initStep
1 30 0.503 4.47e+03 0.00752 0 161 161 AV_934!BeamPipe_assembly_17#17!v_downstream_matter_11#11 Transportation
2 30 0.503 4.47e+03 0 0.00155 0.0221 161 AV_934!BeamPipe_assembly_17#17!v_downstream_matter_11#11 phot
:----- List of 2ndaries - #SpawnInStep= 1(Rest= 0,Along= 0,Post= 1), #SpawnTotal= 1 ---------------
: 30 0.503 4.47e+03 0.00597 e-
:----------------------------------------------------------------- EndOf2ndaries Info ---------------
The beampipe volumes are v_downstream_vacuum for the vacuum, and v_downstream_matter for the aluminum matter. So at least this photon is being simulated and it hit the beam pipe at z = 4.47m.

- acts +dd4hep +digitization +examples +fatras +identification +json +tgeo +ipo
- cmake
- clhep cxxstd=17
- dd4hep +geant4 +assimp +hepmc3 +lcio +ipo
- eigen
- +ipo
- geant4 +ipo +qt +opengl -python +vecgeom cxxstd=17
- genfit +ipo
- hepmc3 +interfaces +python +rootio
- lcio +ipo
- mesa -llvm swr=none
- opencascade +ipo +tbb -vtk
- podio +ipo
- pythia8 +fastjet
- root cxxstd=17 +fftw +fortran +gdml +mlp +pythia8 +root7 +tmva +vc +xrootd +ssl
- xrootd cxxstd=17 +python
concretization: together
install_missing_compilers: true
root: /opt/software
view: /opt/local

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