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Run Plan and Projected Event Rates

Linux/macOS VNC Instructions

Test stand DAQ

VME CPU intelvmeha8 ROC2 ROC ID : 4

DAQ computer clrlpc

HV on /dev/ttyUSB2

VME crate on /dev/ttyUSB1

type CAEN to accesss the crate

to access use minicom, if you need to setup the port for /dev/ttyUSB1 or USB2 do : minicom -s and change serial settings ( should be 9600 8 N 1 )

DAQ on VNC :1

Log on clrlpc , type tcsh

To start CODA type : startcoda

choose config TIintelvmeha8 and start run

Online diagnostic :

cd DiagGUI/fe_diaggui/
./DiagGUI intelvmeha8.txt

To look at data :

cd companaEcal


give run number

root file goes in


Few root command to display waveforms :

To change latency of fadc:
1) go to clrlpc:/home/coda/3.10/linuxvme/fadc-HallB/rol
2) modify fadc_list.C
3) ssh a-compton@intelvmeha8; cd /home/coda/3.10/linuxvme/fadc-HallB/rol; make
4) restart coda

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