April 16th 2020

*VMM3 : parts received, powered up and managed to take data, monitoring not setup ( page 12 )
*SSP MPD compiled for 24 MPDs ( 32 would be possible but want to test this one first ) - Need Danning to test it
*Hall B streaming DAQ relevant to VXS FADC readout ( more progress in 1 or 2 weeks for readout )
**Danning : start SSP MPD DAQ - need at least one day - maybe first option try to power up crates and supply

*Compton data DAQ ( Hanjie ) [[]] **
  • take runs without beam, to check
  • need to check with delay
  • need to figure out laser off asymmetry
    • different delays
    • Bob is trying to reproduce the analysis
    • should get 0 asymmetry with delay 8
    • do we already have pulser runs to look ? Run list exist but not up to date.
    • Turn system
    • Check with FADC
    • asymmetry different type of asymmetry
    • scalers analysis only - might be contaminated by background

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