April 22nd 2021
  • Updates
    • VMM
      • FPGA bought from Newark, were delivered, other chips ordered but have not came in yet
      • Firmware development : positive results for 128 channels with gigabit ethernet, looking at GBT data path
      • Jeff going back to VMM prototype board
      • George agreed to loan and ship VMM test board : eval board same that we have with a chip socket, different firmware and software. Cannot test direct path though . Though few failures of direct output if chip pass test with this board.
      • How big is BGA socket for VMM ?
      • need to get firmware and software to setup and practice
      • estimate prototype board ? ~10 layers
      • list of parts to Nilanga
    • APV
      • still looking at APV noise issue - testing with Ben, MPD might add to the noise - ordered filter to see if it can reduce the noise
      • MPD resistors 1.25 V line added, helps but not good enough
      • did test with small GEM : same behavior as large one but noise fluctuations small. Common noise same for small and big - will try copper shielding to see if that helps
      • Paolo looking at fixing design of MPD and small production of 5 MPDs
    • FADC
      • Dave Abbott has VTP readout running with TI, with FADC next
    • UMass test stand
      • Ben helped debugging cluster finding algorithm. Successfully compiled. Project next week to test
      • Asymmetry : function generator method works, second method with happex timing board need to be tested
        **AARDVARC received

*Next week streaming readout workshop

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