April 2nd 2020
  • Tasks overview [[]]
  • Event unblocking ( Bryan ) : C code existing used for Compton , C++ code in work
  • Discussion FADC VXS readout
    UMass test stand setup :
    *VXS crate ordered
    **loan older new TI version, SBS SD, intel CPU SBS
    *VMM3 ( wrote info on main wiki page , will ask to Kondo to ship the boards )

*Discussion VMM3 : need Xilinx programmer to load firmware, Ed will try virtual machine to run the linux software on his window computer. Asked Kondo to send the boards to Ed. Need to have access to Gitlab to get software.

*FADC VXS readout :
Ben talked with Ed some time ago,
Need to go to 3.125 gbps per lane instead of 2.5 gbps
TCP protocol already available on VTP ( roughly 2 weeks on his firmware side )
Ed will look at code for event building.
Starting from HPS firmware used for HCAL/Compton.
Possibility to enable compression.
Software side : similar to things done already
Currently exist with ROC on PC with PCI TI, need developement to have VTP ROC to handle 10 gigE
DAQ in lab up : VTP / FADC / SD can use to test , Hall A and C setup available too
github with latest version for Ed

APV25 testing : Danning back at UVA
SSP to 32 MPDs, still debugging - need to check to setup SSP and VTP at UVA

Unblocking - still development - need some help for analyzer implementation ( a bit later )

-Cerenkov : still need clean up scripts and add scalers


-VTP order : company closed for now

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