April 9th 2020

  • Ed received VMM3 evaluation boards
  • had to order some parts to supply power
  • loaded Virtualbox on laptop, just installed Centos 8, small screen still, still need to get network going, need to install ROOT and software
  • will give installed software on Virtual Box to Ed
  • power supply should be adequate, need about 15 Watts, 36 W Power supply
  • more expertise from Ben and Bryan
  • might try to go through wireless router

*Ben wrapped existing software for Ed to start from it

*project ready to be tested by Ben
  • should we turn on crates in clean room ? Need access for test to connect MPD. Current setup 4 crates in clean room, SSP in one crate , MPDs in other crate, 12 or 10 MPDs to SSP, need low voltage for APVs. ( located underneath 5 layer cosmics setup ) - Power could be turned on - Fibers ? Previous ones are too short - 2 long fibers - enough to read 28 MPDs -
    Need permission from Rolf for access but access might be possible if we make a good case for it
    **VTP readout adapter board : after Mark Taylor done with current project

*HAWAI TOF : ASOC - need some cables to test more

*Starting paperwork for contract for UVA, UMass, De Geronimo

*Need to check with Chris if any upcoming SD order for VXS crates

*need reviewer from JLab side for SoLID : maybe in May ( or postponed to June ) Martin Purschke (BNL) , Dave Abbott (JLab)

*need to work on quaterly report

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