August 20th 2020
  • Updates
    • VMM3
      • Ed talking with Jeff for packaging, might choose bigger packaging for FPGA for convenience for routing
      • BNL order is in so chip will be ordered soon
      • ATLAS testing setup could be borrowed or someone could go to CERN
      • Install VMM3 eval board with linux : managed to get data in ART mode

      • make adapter tp plug detector to test board with direct outputs
      • FPGA eval board : need use FMC connector , small board need to be designed to send signal to FPGA eval board

  • Ben has access to clean room on week-end - was able to test at 1.25 Gbps seems stable - limit trigger to 2.7 kHz 6 samples 15 APV - need longer stability testing
  • need set up INFN clean room - will try today or tomorrow - for next week
  • few issues with MPD / CODA , Bryan will help , new procedure relies on new driver - need to know where config files are

UMass test setup ongoing
*Need connector to VTP, could ship one from Ben

*MAROC : Ben and Zhiwen setup MAROC and SSP with LED, Alexandre need finish CODA3

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