August 27th 2020
*APV25 optical link : testing at lower rate 1.25 Gb/s, system more stable , need longer testing
VXS crate with SSP, need to check CPU and add network switch to be able to power cycle crates

VMM3 :
prototype : progress from Jeff , routing ongoing, need way to be able to repgrogram FPGA, GBT SCA part of frame dedicated to slow control, and can be used to control JTAG port. GBT has I2C but will use
**connection to FPGA eval board to look at direct output. Ed found a FMC breakout board should arrive next week.
Some code available to interface to gigabit board
  • BNL order in , procurement put a PO and transfer should go through next week
  • need ask to Vinnie information about the test setup
  • cannot operate evaluation board : might have overheated or lost firmware - will try to reflash firmware - need to check if it needs a fan for longer operation - Ed checking the firmware compatible with second board
  • MAROC : Zhiwen able to look at MAROC scalers. Bryan set up software. Issue with TI most likely wrong settings
  • UMass test stand : Hanjie working with Bryan setting up VTP, she received cable from Ben. VME CPU error could not find hostname, looking a parameter setup
  • ASOC: still cannot get trigger, will meet with NALU Friday at 1 PM
  • Start writing second quarterly report : try have draft by Monday

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