December 3rd 2020

  • Maroc Cerenkov tests
    • test linearity with LED
    • VMM
      • 128 channels prototype : doing scaling from eval to 128 channels on-going, need to determine ressources used before the tripling method, trigger with window ( limit on how many trigger : 4 trigger in a windows - window size under 1 us ( 400 ns ? ) - can take a couple of MHz ) - TS can be programmed to allow only 4 triggers in the windows - need more processing power for more - trigger are counted, can realign data
      • got NSW ALTIM file of Micromegas design - schematics have a lot of useful notes - 8 chips on small card - Jeff will look at it
      • VMM3 order ok end of January
      • plan for december : finish eval readout direct output, processing of 128 channel code
      • evaluatiom development board : VHDL code complete, got the 1 gigE examaple, some work with Ben to get it going, C++ software code running on linux ( done at the lab )
    • FADC UMass
      ***use playback feature, helicity input for trigger and TI busy in FADC channel to measure deadtime
      • small issue with TI random trigger, get twice expected rate, put signal to check rate measurement ( 30 Hz ), can check random rate with event type. Can check with a regular pulser from TI. William will check the firmware
      • will try different bufferlevel and blocklevel, up to 20 KHz with block level and buffer level 1
      • rate Trigger 2 is twice Trigger 1 - Trig 2 affected by TI busy ?
    • APV
      • progress, will need test setup, will use BigBite setup for now
    • ASOC
    • FADC
      *Test ASOC pdf

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