February 4th 2021

  • VMM
    • gigabit ethernet working, data generated and sent through interface, next step hook up VMM evaluation board as data source - need phase adjustement between VMM and FPGA board - next step use pulse generator to feed VMM and use trigger to trigger FPGA board - finally plug GEM to board and use cosmic ray setup - setting up GEM in test lab so can look with source -
    • scaling from 12 to 128 using same gigabit ethernet for now
    • prototype board should be close to ready be end of February
    • test board INDRA

      **need to look a GEM and connector mapping
      *MPD APV : progress on VTP code - still need to run simulation - need to add the TI to the simulation for ROC readout - will test bandwidth after simulation done
      **UMass test stand : working on cluster finding simulation in Vivado - received 10 gig adapter - will install this week
  • ASOC : plugged to detector - can recorded pulses - setting detectors in test lab for cosmics trigger
    *SD board order : quote requested last week
    *VXS crates for SoLID preRD - will be move to room 126
    *Xinzhan got zero supression and common mode subtraction working - one bug fixed by Ben
    *some plots from APV : noise in APV maybe coming from trigger - don't see in VME readout - might need to adjust trigger - might put 20 us - CMS rejected trigger - MPD bug in buffered in VME ( counter not incrementing/decrementing if trigger hspprns during readout ) , fixed in optical readout

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