January 14th 2021

  • Updates
    • VMM
      • Met with Ben, 1 Gbit ethernet working on developement board, when finished implemented will try run software ( linux, Ben could try to set up on Ed's computer )
        *diagram test
        *VMM test with detector : try to separate the power, check ground connections of chamber to eval board.
        Separation helped with SAMPA
      • prototype board on going - 1 gbit on prototype and try 10 gigE after
      • parts from UVA - need to follow up -
      • APV : 32 boards received - waiting for front panel prototype - should be ready by end of January
      • trying new firmware from Paolo, looks stable and running
    • FADC : Ben working on VTP readout for FADC - still need at least 1 week - can see data transported to VTP from FADC firmware from Ed
      UMass test stand
      testing with pulse close of calorimeter pulse
      deadtime in raw mode :
      generating asymmetry with pulser
      **NIM asymmetry box
      Beam test FNAL
      *support for ECAL beam test
    • Ed and Ben provided information for electronics, review was ok, added kapton

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