January 28th 2021

  • Updates
    • VMM3
      • major breakthrough 1 Gbit ethernet interface working. start sending data out with checked data,
        next step send data from Eval board on network using pulser
      • scale up the 12 channel code to 128 channels - need to check if enough ressources for TMR - bigger FPGA available in same footprint if needed - running on VM on laptop
      • peaking time of 25 ns for impulse response - VMM find peak on the convolution with charge distribution - so dead time will be longer depending on charge distribution - 50 ns peaking time might have better S/N than 25 to be tested - Weizhi will model 6 bit ADC and ToT -
      • will try to load firmware - panasonic connector has minimum grounding - NIM trigger gives ground - will try to plug scope on multiplexed output - no ground from 12 V supply power AC - will try with a supply with ground -
    • MPD in buffered mode - several trigger will corrupt memory in MPD - bug solved and will test with common mode and zero suppression - 1.8 KHz trigger limit right now - looking pretty stable
      • VXS QSFP : front panel delivered - 1 board assembled -
    • FADC VTP readout on going - will be ready in a few days for Dave to test
    • UMass test stand : ordered modules to generate asymmetry - starting working on calorimeter clustering code
      network components arriving next week
    • ASOC : working with detector self triggering - will setup external cosmics trigger
    • ECAl test complete : hardware coming back this Friday

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