July 15th 2021

  • Updates
    • VMM
      • finalized power for the board
      • parts ordered and in stock : connector and regulators
      • additionnal mezzanine to power VMM ( can be replaced by FEAST when we get the part )
      • VMM : started testing first layer, still no data in pulser
      • testing direct output
    • MPD
      • EES starting analyzing design, shortage of FPGA likely but we can provide the 10 we bought, oscillator 62.5 MHz out of stock, Ben might have suggestions for another part
      • Oscillator
    • FADC
    • UMass
      • Ben gave new firmware for calorimeter trigger
      • asymmetry test in integrated mode, some runs in raw mode are good and some are bad
      • checking VtoF to try clean the signal, using small bump

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