July 5th 2023
developement standard 10 bit with prototype
*10 bit mode working in continuous mode
test with internal pulser
different data format, hot channels (20 MHz rate) seen in 6 bit, since all channels are multiplexed in 10 bit mode hot channel wil saturate
**program to generate file to mask hot channels
  • need to check if 10 bit and 6 bit as noisy
  • high noise channel can still generate noise
  • no test with external pulser yet, might need to borrow pulser
    *Started moving to ESB, need to work on paperwork for ESB
    *current GEM gain low, can modify HV system so we can have higher gain - one parallel SBS HV available
    *UVA ordered 12 GEMS foils - 2 small chamber being build
    *list of parts to order to give to UV
    *Discussion with Saclay about SALSA ( new SAMPA )

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