July 9th 2020

*VMM3 : Jeff has layout of ESD , can route it early next week, Ed found data on radiation hardness of regular commercial components : regulators available, want to be able to fall back to FEAST for final design, initial design can use available rad tolerant components for first iteration. List of components exist at CERN.
Complicated to have both design on same board without making board larger.
Schematics of VMM3 test board with layout, putting DC regulator on mezannine
If need to reload : use memory or send remotely to avoid memory on device

**Evaluation board : 2 at Ed's place, will try to setup second board so we can test in parallel. Second one had no direct output

**Note for VMM testing in the hall

**SRS VMM3 : was tried on large micromegas - effects of integration time 25 ns on large chamber

Option to just power directly, might need Linear regulator on boards
*SoLID preRD review talks : 1st week august

For the talk for the review,

I was thinking

3 or 4 talks :

1) VMM Ed 15 +5

2)FADC / APV25 development Ben 15+5

3) Test stand/Compton results Alexandre or Hanjie 15+5

4) TOF Alexandre 10+5

Maybe 2 and 3 could be merged

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