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Alexandre Camsonne, 06/03/2021 03:17 PM

June 3rd 2021

  • VMM
    • have chips
    • started testing but don't see pulser signal - might be bad contact or bad chips - investigating low level tests - socket could have been damaged
    • test test program with our test boards : it worked
    • made cable to plug to power supply to check current : striped cable is center pin
    • Jeff working on front end layout for filtering - close to MM Arizona design - once done will run design with Gianluigi
    • simulating GBT link, code close to final version, testing with multiple inputs, gigabit ethernet can be tested too
    • estimate early July for first prototype
    • will run design through Ben and William too in next few days
  • SoLID ECal
    • developement Ecal firmware, scalers and energy clusters - available end of the month for Hanjie
  • UMass

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