March 26th 2020

*First meeting after lab switched to Medcon 6

*SD board : purchased request signed

*Added tasks to Redmine

Status Cerenkov DAQ in Hall C :
*8 FADCs setup in Hall C - Calorimeter - Sum Cerenkov - Scintillator
  • still need some software to record : EPICS, scalers ...

Discussion which tasks can be done without access to the lab
*VMM3 at UVA, Ed has the manuel and power supply. Could power it up but need linux machine, maybe will wait to see when lab will reopen. Eval board is ethernet based. 2 types of boards.
SRS based VMM3 might be a good option to first check with chambers. Need some parts sent from CERN ... delays. On hold but Kondo might have time
if stuff on hold more. VMM3 SRS only in triggerless mode. Presentation on rate capability, ( should be 4 MHz per channel , but had rate limitations at beginning - group at CERN looking at it ). Do we need connectors for eval board ? Most likely boards already have connector.

*Discussion Postdoc manpower : Danning ( UVA ) and Hanjie ( UMass )
  • SD board for setup : I can loan board , have money to buy boards
  • VXS : crate

*VTP order : Hall C 6 VTP for NPS + 2 SoLID = 8 VTP

*Discussion UMass DAQ setup

*ASOC testing : FPGA NEXYS, can talk to the board with their windows software

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