May 6th 2021
  • Updates
    • VMM
      • VHDL code at 1 gbit speed, going through GBT with 10 serial lines
      • PCB : working on power distribution, added signal lines with mezzanine to save space on board, move flash memory to mezzanine and JTAG
      • can make progress on VMM design rapidly
      • do not need to have both ethernet or GBT at same time so can save
      • 1 FPGA received from NewArk
      • some FPGA ordered from unauthorized source : cancelled - only 30 days warranty
      • new order should arrive before 30 weeks lead time
      • can use 040 or 035 : development board using 040 abour 3K$, could order a few (AVNET has 12 )
      • 4 chips : new order with AVNET through for regular FPGA, might get those in time (30 to 35 weeks )
      • could check for other board with this chip
      • need to follow up on special parts with Nilanga ( might be able to use some spare parts from SAMPA but needs to replenish stock )
      • VMM in customs
      • Need to follow up with George
    • APV
      • VTP readout completed
      • MPD APV readout still need to fix issues
    • FADC
      • 2 FADC readout - need add CODA GUI for controls
      • no performance test yet
      • took asymmetry test data, writing software
      • test with chamber in UVA in EEL clean room
      • getting starting with UVA setup for X-ray
      • adapter for the VMM eval board for direct **
        *start to think about CD1 needs
        *streaming workshop : quickly put number together SIDIS seems doable - need to do some studies

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