May 7th 2020

Existing VMM3 board USTC - only subset of direct going to TDS -
Eval board readout with one of existing FPGA board
Need to design a board to readout direct mode
Looking at data, but might be issues in the ROOT file generated - data might be corrupted - still being investigated
Need to design a board
Final experiment design : might need
Could use a GBT
check if we can get layout from USTC , check with Ge

Ben ready to start serialiasition for FADC, implementation of switch between VXS and VME. Checking code to run simulation and implementation.

---can switch to optical or VME with library , some boards not connecting but can test on subset of MPDs

-discussion VMM3 readout for X-ray tests

-discussion Hall A Compton data : study FADC asymmetry of system

-streaming workshop next week


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