November 11th 2022

Updates VMM
*some transceivers work in ARISTA switch, got a few
*Radiation LV design started, could be ready beginning of next year
*ethernet link
*ready to move to EEL to test with GEM : need to look at how to support the card, will look at setup, power supply can handle mutiple card (IP and configure multiple boards ), need firmware to handle several card, need to fan out trigger, clck and sync reset, need 160 MHz, with external generator, got fan out card FanIO rev3,
*low noise with external pulser so far
*looking at 10 bit readout will be interesting to compare with 6 bit
*Bryan suggesting using config files to make config of boards easier
*one board with test socket : still need to be tested , could use extender if need to use, 10 inch cable could put electronics farther, and allow shielding, need to check if fiber better rad hardness - 5 flexes on hand seems enough for 1 chambers
*EEL setup : Gas and HV ready, might need a NIM crate, 3 racks still in Test Lab, look for NIM crate for cosmics, trigger board , VME discriminator,
Ed has small VME crate

*will test with pulser
**discussion with CAEN about looking before trigger ( they said it should be possible )

*checking for contract with CERN, RD51 for small quantities

*more FPGAs for new board : 16 on hands + 3 eval , lead time still very long

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