November 17th 2022
1 - I borrowed a pulse generator from Ben that will allow me to program the stairstep waveform needed to repeatedly hit the VMM input with pulses. This will create an extended dead time. I need to write some Python code to program the generator. I have an example from Ben so it should be done soon.

2 - Xinzhan has cleaned off the table in EEL area. Will start moving stuff over soon. Need to talk to him about how GEM will be mounted above scintillation counter so that we can figure out how to support the long VMM prototype cards when they are plugged into GEM.

3 - Bryan has modified the data acquisition library for the VMM prototype to support multiple boards. Will change my current program to work with it. Bryan change the FPGA IO so it is easier to handle several boards

4 - We proposed using a VME discriminator board + VME logic board (V2495) to do the cosmic ray trigger. This eliminates the need for NIM modules and a crate. We could use a FADC250 + FP-SD instead. The FADC can discriminate the PMT signals and the FPGA firmware has a lookup table to implement the coincidence trigger. The generated trigger can be sent out to TI board through the front panel. (The FP-SD is required to convert the trigger signal to ECL for the TI.) This trigger would not be applied to FADC250 itself and so the module would not have to be read out. Still need to move VXS crate to EEL

5 - I sent the plots that I generated for you to De Geronimo for his comments. I also had some questions for him about the data.

6- Send the previous plots to Alexandre for report

*CAEN FADC : ordered DPP firmware -
*Bryan need to update the driver to handle the DPP
**MAROC library : can initialize both SSP and can readout out one or the other by themselves, still working on getting both up, might be an issue with connection, troubleshooting at next access

*Saw CDet MaPMT adapter : need to check if fits with PMT R5900
*still need to order parts for small scinitillator : PMT with borosilicate windows might see more background because of neutrons
*want to get 3 cm x1 cm x 1cm, looking at 1cm3 + 2 cm light guide
*Zhihong ready to ship preshower PMT and fibers
*need to order part for new stand
*luminosity for next test run : 30 uA on He 3 previous test angle 3.5 degrees ? , current 60 uA = x2 if only beamline - need to look at the old simulation
*APV issues : one stopped working, HDMI connector might be loose, or LV for APV might need to power cycled - need a reboot switch for LV -
*Xinzhan talked to Jeff Wilson : long LV cables : 32 meters 12AWG gauge
*GEM tracking will merge code in SoLID code , Xinzhan will work with Jixie and Jimmy
*pulse fitting software : talked to get started on NPS software

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