November 5th 2020

  • Updates
    • VMM
      • Met with Gianluigi De Geronimo, getting the U Arizona design which is closer to GEM, he was concerned of pick up of DC DC converter by VMM, it seems we expect 100 k to 20 k electrons so we should have
      • discussion of Ed for FPGA to ASIC conversion : SMU people might be able to produce this ASIC.
      • license Vivado running on Ed computer,can continue development
      • Jeff still working on layout, will look at AZ design for filtering and shielding of DC supply, connector with low resistance and inductance
    • APV25
      • Optical to VXS 32 boards ordered
      • enable VME320 on SSP readout
      • show can reach 5 KHz
        **UMass test stand : FADC issue , maximum word loaded is wrong, now decoder works. VTP header files missing which need to be added.
    • ASOC : spare received still need to see signal

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