October 15th 2020
  • Updates
    • VMM3
      • working with FPGA eval board with VMM3 eval board - can talk the Xilinx Eval board - don't see the direct signal from eval board for now - issue with virtual machine crashing , when plugging things
      • Jeff still working on layout
      • tried continuous firmware, seems to work, could use the setup to send trigger to channel 63
      • L0 max width 8 clock cycles
    • APV25
      • testing the rate limit in INFN tomorrow or next week
      • QSFP to VXS out for quoting
      • multiple 10gigE easier - 10 gigE
    • UMass : FADC working with CODA, use TI internal trigger and use VTP
    • MAROC : still noise issue - special windowing to cancel

*Science review talk slides : add plan and status -

*Update SoLID collaboration

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