October 28th 2021

  • Updates
    • VMM
      • issue with connector tolerance - solution using fixed and floating connectors
      • send power board end of week
      • gave VMM Eval board to Xinzhan
      • Got 2nd VMM, working on software to
      • Radioactive source area
      • ArCO2 gas
      • can look at signal from VMM
      • Friday to Monday in UVA - to setup X-ray
      • VERSO : could use
    • APV
      • working in Hall A 5.2 KHz 6 samples
    • FADC
      • driver for ethernet adapater not loaded correctly - and should work - might need new kernel
    • VTP
      • New firmware is ready for multicrate ECAL trigger testing (fixed a bug with it early this week)
      • Trying to get solidvtp1 and 2 root mounts to be same as Hall A VTPs. solidvtp1 seems to mount it now, solidvtp2 doesn't
      • These VTPs we're (kernel) crashing often before, so this is why I want to run the same mounts as the Hall A VTPs (where we don't see this). Not sure if the issue will be gone after this mount change - if not I'll check if Bryan can figure it out and probably we can run as-is if we can at least get the VME crates online so we can remotely power cycle to recover
  • new funding request
    • will test radiation hardness next week
    • new bPOL supply, GBT ordered
    • might need to switch to lpGBT and VTRx+
    • TMR commercial software - evaluate cost
    • filtering of VMM : ferrite saturates - air core inductors are big - might be better if far from supply - could use linear regulator -
    • TDIS : flex circuit board to get signal out

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