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How to connect to a counting house computer

Use ssh or putty to connect to hallgw ( need to use cryptokey ) need to forward a local port : example 5902 to an unused port on hallgw 25342 in putty
or in ssh : ssh -L5902:localhost:25342

once in hallgw ssh to the computer you want to connect :


ssh -L25342:localhost:5935 adaq@adaq2

once connected you can launch your vnc client

Access to Jupyterhub

File location Jupyter located in camsonne directory


To open a tree from SBS :


cp /u/home/camsonne/Jupyter/OpenSBSTree.ipynb ~/

List of variables

Information about farm

HCal information

HCal Supplemental Materials:

  1. Farm Locations:
    • Full waveform GMn data can be found in the following location on the farm. Note that the data, despite its size, is sparse and better distributions on elastic tdc/adc/energy can be obtained with larger data sets. /lustre19/expphy/volatile/halla/sbs/seeds/rootfiles
    • The pass 0 replays of GMn SBS4 data can be found in the following location. /work/halla/sbs/sbs-gmn/pass0/SBS4/LH2/rootfiles

One file was copied at :

  1. Scripts
  2. Slides
  3. General Info

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