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04:31 AM BB-GRINCH Task #720: LE Offsets GRINCH
I made a macro to plot the histograms on the same canvas. Blue is without the offsets from the LED data (run 3036), r... Maria Satnik


04:39 PM BB-GRINCH Bug #721 (New): GRINCH TDC data is 1ns integers. Is that the resolution we expect?
I realized that the root tree output for the TDC data for the grinch is in 1ns integers, and that might be odd if I'm... Maria Satnik
04:28 PM BB-GRINCH Task #720: LE Offsets GRINCH
Looking to see how these offsets affect the mean and the variance of the clusters. It appears we did a good job of ce... Maria Satnik
04:19 PM BB-GRINCH Task #720 (New): LE Offsets GRINCH
Working on the Leading Edge offsets for the GRINCH. Starting with LED data from GEn when we plugged in the other LED ... Maria Satnik

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