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Completion of libsbsdig

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Status:In ProgressStart date:11/14/2019
Priority:HighDue date:
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Category:-Estimated time:28.00 hours
Target version:-Spent time:7.00 hours
Responsible:Eric Fuchey


bring libsbsdig to a production ready state.
Tasks to be accomplished:
  • database completion (mostly done, need include actual detector pedestals and mapping);
  • proper, efficient background inclusion (mostly done, a few bugs lurking around);
  • possibility to add beam background without relying on background files (optional, but strongly wished);
  • produce a sensible, "human legible", output tree (now mostly done, a few bugs lurking around);
  • Merg GEm digitization in the main code instead of having it as a plugin (optional, but strongly wished);


Support #503: merging cmu_dev with masterNewJuan Carlos Cornejo

Idea #504: add crate and slot info in simulated data.NewEric Fuchey

Feature #505: Add decoded data into the outputResolved

Bug #506: migrate libsbsdig to CMakeResolved

Idea #507: Add optional "trigger" selection for events treated as "s...NewEric Fuchey

Support #508: Include properly GEM digitization and merge redundent cla...Resolved

Feature #509: Production of a easily readable outputResolved

Support #510: Add background in a flexible and efficient way+ remove bugsResolved


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