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11:20 AM SBS-DAQ-GMn-HCal Bug #593 (New): HCAL Pulser state readout not properly read out in CODA3 ROL
The pulser state is not properly being readout once we switched to CODA3 ROL.
It's likely due to a change in crate...


07:51 PM SBS-DAQ-GMn-HCal Task #573: Adapt readout list HCAL to CODA3
ROL of ROC17 (which is the temporary VME64x crate) updated. Bryan had suggested the issue was an overlap of addresses...
07:51 PM SBS-DAQ-GMn-HCal 4.00 hours (Task #573 (New): Adapt readout list HCAL to CODA3)
It is done


11:29 AM SBS-DAQ-GMn-HCal 16.00 hours (Task #573 (New): Adapt readout list HCAL to CODA3)
VXS ROL already migrated


10:38 AM SBS Software Support #146 (Resolved): HCal Skeleton and Sample Databases
Skeleton and sample database for HCal now on the repository.

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