Compton Electron detector

Compton electron detector drawings

Mechanical drawings

Compton electron detector electronic schematics


VME LV control 0x20000 and 0x40000
Motion 0xFC00

Readout electronics

VETROC setup

One crate is setup in EEL room 126.

DAQ is running on hcdaq4. It is running a private subnetwork, the intel CPU picked up an IP and has hostname hacompton.

The account to be used on the intel CPU is dvcs.

There is a copy of the /site/coda/devel files on the intel CPU in devel directory. LINUXVME points to this directory.

The configuration using vfTDC driver vetroc is taking data.

SI Detector Connector Pin Outs.xlsx (11.8 KB) Alexandre Camsonne, 02/05/2018 12:09 PM