BNL polarimetry meeting

Link to meetings on indico :

Location of simulation Zhenqiao

Dear Alexandre and Josh,

Thanks a lot for the introduction. I would contact you if I got questions.

For now, all my simulations are based on EicRoot ( may use Fun4All in the future). You may need a RACF account to use my code.

You can setup the EicRoot environment by

source /direct/eic+u/zhangzq/config.csh

All my codes of the electron polarimeter are in /gpfs/mnt/gpfs02/eic/zhangzq/electron_polarimeter

The Compton events generator is in this directory COMRAD/
And the IR and detector simulation is in this directory simEic/
Detector geometry setup in simEic/geometry
Magnet information in simEic/madx
Simulation code in simEic/pL_IP12

root -l simulation.C
root -l digitization.C
root -l reconstruction.C
root -l acceptancePL.C

Best regards,

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