April 30th 2020

Agenda :
  • Updates
    • VMM3
      • root file to plot - issue with ROOT Makeclass with stl - will try to plot
      • Direct output LVDS serial for 12 channels : Ben will gather what is available tat could read the signals
      • X ray test : might be option with USTC board since we have contact there
    • MPD developements ongoing : Danning trying to test , test setup powered up
  • more discussion VMM3 test with X-rays : Ed investigated option using ATLAS board made by USTC, JP mentionned we have USTC collaborators so loaning a board or having them do tests for us might be a viable option instead of designing a board ( a few more weeks to decide )
  • discussion about data reduction with Weizhi
    • send all MPD data from VTP to computer : either way data will go through VTP
    • other option implement TCP stack on MPD but need Paolo Musico to look at it
  • Hanjie : showed plots of run split in 4 separate parts - large variation of asymmetry
  • broke runs in several parts, and laser on and off
  • run with blocklevel 20
  • Ben idea : large rate background events contaminates one helicity window, need to find a way to cut them out

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