December 17th 2020
  • Ecal

  • Updates
    • VMM
      • met with Ben, progress on readout
      • measure time difference between clock from VMM to data, starting looking with probes
        6 bit ADC should come at raising edge of the clock, but looking at it sometimes happens on falling edge
        need two good differential probes to check
      • Ed plugged the VMM eval board to GEM chamber, will check everything ok before powering the GEM
      • asked to Gianluigi and Venetios for testing
    • APV
      • MPD : firmware to test fast readout - will try in TEDF
    • FADC
      • slides from Hanjie
      • same setup without busy signal
      • test with raw mode - change of rate - test without writing to disk - 80 samples
      • data rate - gigabit ethernet limit - and maybe VME limit

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