July 30th 2020

*VMM3 : Jeff continuing on routing, tricky for inner pins - differential data line not super high speed but need to be well designed for 320 Mbit -
Discussed with Hai - Ultrascale Eval board will be used to use with VMM eval board
Going back to evaluation board next week, will try latest software Bryan compiled

Waiting for BNL order
ROC chip : trying to contact to evaluate cost of making an ASIC - still need special design for ASIC to get them radiation hard in addition to TMR

**APV25 : Ben still investigating - tried adding new oscillator - did not help - still jitter - most likely because of noisy power line
data line gets corrupted when data is sent
analog pll from general power rail ( not good because noise ) - voltage shift
- will try to add more capacitance to reduce the shift , if does not work, go to half speed 1.25 Gbps

*SoLID review talks
  • GEM readout talk

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