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Alexandre Camsonne, 07/07/2022 04:13 PM

July 7th 2022

Updates VMM prototype
*2 weeks for finishing setting up VMM
*2 week for testing with cosmics with source
*Bryan looking into possible CODA option

Discussion new preRD VMM testing
*CODA developement beam test
*GBT developement with SAMPA with FELIX readout, so VMM GBT should work same
*DC regulator bPol 12 V - need design and move some components off the board
*lpGBT : need to reimplement lpGBT and VTRx+, GBT SCA
*new prototype would be required and new FELIX card :
*upgrading firmware to triple logic , rough possible cost estimate ~ 50 K$
*look for University with expertise

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