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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
184SoLID SimulationsFeatureNewNormalLGC simulation06/27/2017 11:51 AM
183SoLID SimulationsFeatureNewHighGEM simulation06/29/2017 11:17 PM
182SoLID SimulationsTaskNewHighcreate map based on latest Opera model by JayZhiwen Zhao06/29/2017 11:03 PM
180SoLID SimulationsTaskNewHighcheck and compare Yuxiang's inclusive ele generator and eicrateSeamus Riordan06/29/2017 11:14 PM
178Hall A AnalyzerBugNewNormaldbconvert should print failure summary11/28/2017 12:26 PM
177SoLID SimulationsTaskNewHighCheck solid_bggen rate from He3 cell glass window 06/29/2017 11:13 PM
176SBS SoftwareSupportIn ProgressNormalSBS Arm SkeletonSeamus Riordan03/01/2018 05:45 PM
175SBS SoftwareSupportResolvedNormalBigbite Arm Skeleton07/27/2017 05:49 PM
173SoLID ReconstructionFeatureNewNormalRadiative effect deconvolution06/18/2017 04:43 PM
172SoLID SimulationsFeatureNewNormalInternal and external radiative effects06/18/2017 04:43 PM
171SBS SoftwareSupportResolvedNormalF250 support06/09/2017 10:30 AM
170SBS SoftwareSupportResolvedNormalMPD Decoder for GEMs - Test with Cosmic Stand Data05/30/2017 10:50 AM
169SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalTiming Hodoscope05/30/2017 10:34 AM
168SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalGEMs05/30/2017 10:34 AM
167SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalGRINCH02/21/2018 04:12 PM
166SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalBigbite CalorimeterSeamus Riordan03/01/2018 05:45 PM
165SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalCoordinate Detector05/30/2017 10:33 AM
164SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalECal05/30/2017 10:33 AM
163SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalHCal05/30/2017 10:32 AM
162SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalInterface to analyzer/SBS-Offline02/21/2018 04:14 PM
161SBS SoftwareSupportIn ProgressNormalDigitization for non-GEM systems10/25/2019 09:51 AM
160SBS SoftwareSupportNewNormalTracking Revisited for GEp05/30/2017 10:40 AM
158SBS SoftwareSupportIn ProgressNormalTracking simulation for neutron FFs07/19/2018 11:22 AM
156SBS SoftwareFeatureIn ProgressNormalPedestal and common mode noise identification and suppression07/26/2017 06:29 PM
155SBS SoftwareSupportResolvedNormalGRINCH Skeleton and Sample Databases07/27/2017 05:26 PM

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